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Thomas (Tom) D Pinfold 1987-1982

Tom PinfoldTom was born on the Wirral. He is an archaeologist interested specially in things Roman in Britain and Northern Europe.  He has also studied as a military historian with interests from the Iron Age Celts to the Cold War.  He is currently a Public Relations Officer at the Royal Navy Reserve in Liverpool.

Tom Pinfold first came to public notice when working on "The Secrets of the Castle" project for Lion TV and the BBC.  He worked behind the scenes on "Victorian Farm" in 2007 and then, in his first foray up front on TV, he worked on "Tudor Monastery Farm"  in Sussex with Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn.  They ran a farm exactly as it would have been run in 1500 and covered wool production, staple food of everyday Tudor life, Tudor hospitality, the end of monastic farming and recreated the celebration of the twelve days of Christmas on Tudor farms.