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Martin Wood (1956) - letter to the Reunion Dinner of 2007

Martin WoodTalk about a voice from outer space! Perina Shryane forwarded your email to me in the absence of Simon, and you are right; Harrow hasn't lost address contact with me, though physical contact was lost many years ago. Likewise with Malsis, which I last visited on a return trip to England in 1983, when our family took a cottage in the dales for a week. Before that, I think it was a reunion for recent leavers held in about 1960!

Letter to the Editor from Reg Gadney

RgDear Pat. I was born prematurely at Malsis in the front top Dorm 10 in those days I think. Mum fell down on the ice  in the snow outside the front door. I don’t know how she managed because Dad had set off to fetch Dr Barr and got stuck in the snow in Glusburn. Anyway all went well. Bear in mind we had no central heating. The place must have been perishing.Later Dad employed the services of a uniformed nurse called Nurse Wagner.

Malsis Chronicle Quiz

chronicle1We've collated a set of images from our Malsis Chronicle Archives and now it's your turn! Take a look at our quiz and please send your answers, questions, comments, anecdotes  etc to your website editor Patrick Birdsall. or by post to 51 Church Street Willingdon, Sussex BN22 OHR.


The Hudson Trophy

THE HUDSON TROPHYThe Hudson Trophy was presented to the Malsis Old Boy’s Association in 1961 by Charles Hudson, father of Tony Hudson (45 – 51). It was for a golf competition for members of the Old Boys Association.

Andrew Hunter 1952-1957

Andrew HunterMy time spent at Malsis ( 1952 to 1957 ) was a marvellous part of my life.

I will never forget meeting Bernard Gadney when we first visited the school and I thought what an inspirational and impressionable person he was. A giant of a man !

The whole School was something completely new in my life and all the teachers and staff were very friendly. I soon settled in and made a group of friends. The seniors were like gods to us.

The "Old School Tie"; Patrick Birdsall 1944-1951

“The Old School Tie”

Patrick Birdsall (1944-51)

tieI would like to include a brief personal memory of my own which shows how a chance meeting with a Malsis contact once helped to enhance my own career: one of my brother Timothy’s cartoons, which I don’t still have but remember well,  showed two identical couples strolling towards each other, arm in arm.

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