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End of days: Norman Berry's photographic record

OM Afternoon at MalsisThe final Carol Service for Malsis School was held on 5th December, 2014,with former headmaster of 20 years, John Clark, his wife Pam and their friends. It was a beautiful and moving service, involving the few remaining Malsis children with a full complement of loyal teachers, support staff and musicians under the direction of their inspired musical director James  Ashworth.

Five years at Malsis - Ian Fillan 1941-51

Ian FillanHere are my randomly assembled memories of my 5 years at Malsis which I feel were the most formative years of my life.  As they are read now, and in the future, I hope that they will bring back equally fond memories and that they will stimulate other OM's to write something similar for others to enjoy...

First homecoming

First homecomingMalsis is the home, in fact, of my earliest memories ever, having been brought back from Keighley Hospital at a somewhat tender age, by my father James and mother Lorna Birdsall (still then affectionately known to the boys by her maiden & stage name of "Miss Gee").   Both spoke fondly of their time as teachers at the school but, sadly, both are no longer with us - Mum passed away just a couple of months ago - but the memories linger on. 

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