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JOHN PIPER. 1903-1992

John PiperJohn Piper was one of the most versatile English artists of the last century, a master of mediums including painting in oil and watercolour, theatrical design, book illustration, stained glass and tapestry.  Above all he is recognized for his printmaking and is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding printmakers of his generation.

Mark Ellison - 1975

Mark Ellison Northern PrepThank you for your invitation to share our memories of Malsis. The closing of the school is a very sad development indeed. I have always thought of Malsis under Mr. Clark as one of the finest Prep Schools in England, and no matter what schools and Universities I have been to since, that view has never changed.
I did hope that somehow Malsis could be re-opened as the great educational institution it always was.  We still feel so proud of the Prep School we went to.

B.C. Gadney

Bernard GadneyB.C. Gadney (1909-2000). Headmaster of Malsis 1938-1962. Educated at the Dragon School, Oxford and Stowe, where he shared a room with the actor David Niven.

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